• Crystal clear phone calls
  • Pure per-second billing
  • Inter-branch and In-network calls are FREE
  • Easy to use mobile smartphone App
  • Easily add multiple channels or telephone numbers

Our cutting-edge technology provides users with the ability to make and receive calls over the Internet while also taking advantage of cloud-based features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, call routing, and more.

Our cloud-based PBX solution is designed to fit any business’s needs and can easily be scaled up or down as your business grows.

Jenny Internet has a VoIP solution for your business

Simplified Systems, Growing Your Business and Saving You Money!

Does your business:

  • Work in one central location, remotely, or is it a mixture of the two?
  • What volume of calls are you likely to receive?
  • Do you need to send specific types of ring groups (e.g. sales or support calls) to different queues?
  • Do you make a lot of international calls?
  • Do you make many outbound calls?

Upgrade your business communication with Jenny VoIP and Cloud PBX services for unmatched reliability and local support. Enjoy uninterrupted communication with your clients by keeping your current business number that everyone is familiar with. Our services come with free number porting, so you can easily switch to our platform with your existing number, such as 011 XXX XXXX.

With crystal clear phone calls, pure per-second billing, and in-network calls being free, you can save a significant amount of money on communication costs. Plus, our platform allows you to make inter-branch calls for free and easily add multiple channels or telephone numbers as per your business needs.

Jenny VoIP powered by 3CX info
Additional Features Include

  • A single price per user - with all features included
  • Greater scalability to support the changing needs of your business
  • Accessibility - supporting all users, from desk phones to mobile cellular applications
  • Business continuity and reduced downtime


We offer VoIP calls in bundles which are charged on a pure per-second basis for calls made within the bundle.
For calls made outside the bundle, we charge per minute for the first minute and per second from the second minute onwards.

Any calls made between Jenny VoIP accounts are entirely free of charge.
The VoIP line rental and bundle must be prepaid, and any usage outside of the bundle will be added to your next month's invoice for payment.

All pricing Includes VAT unless otherwise indicated

Pure per-second bundle rates
VoIP Bundle Service Price p/m .incl VAT
Jenny Voice Bundle 15000 R 15000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 12000 R 12000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 10000 R 10000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 9000 R 9000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 8000 R 8000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 7000 R 7000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 6000 R 6000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 5000 R 5000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 4000 R 4000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 3000 R 3000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 2000 R 2000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 1500 R 1500.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 1000 R 1000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 500 R 500.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 100 R 100.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 50 R 50.00 p/m

Calls within the bundle, are billed at pure per-second billing. Out of bundle calls are charged at per second billing, from the second minute.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about VoIP.
If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to speak to us.

Yes, if it is a geographical number (a standard Telkom number) it can be ported.

No, all you need is a Jenny Internet Connection.

No, all inter-branch calls are free.