VoIP Save with VoIP. Clear calls, pure per-second billing and free branch-to-branch calls.

Jenny VoIP transports your telephone calls over the Internet, instead of using the traditional telephone landlines. Jenny Internet priorities the Voice over Internet Protocol specifically for Jenny VoIP, to ensure crystal clear phone calls between you and your customer, as well as free inter branch calls between you, your branches and your business staff.

Jenny VoIP service is easy to change or upgrade between packages, any unused funds included in the bundle are carried over to the next month (for a maximum of 3 months

  • Crystal clear phone calls.
  • Pure per-second billing.
  • In-Network calls are FREE.
  • Inter-branch calls are FREE.
  • Flexible Jenny VoIP lines - add multiple channels or telephone numbers.
  • One telephone number, rings at multiple branches.

With no physical landline installation, setting up Jenny VoIP can be done as quickly as you have a Jenny Internet connection

Jenny VoIP  is not reliant on landline installations, cutting out the aggravation of dealing with traditional land based telecom companies. With no physical landline installation, setting up Jenny VoIP can be done as quickly as you have a Jenny Internet connection.
This gives you, the business owner, the possibility to grow your business and internal telephone network at a faster pace, without having the hassle of applying for additional lines. Set up your Jenny VoIP according to your business telecommunication needs.

Jenny VoIP offers significant rates savings

Jenny VoIP rates offer significant savings on national calls, as well as excellent prices to all cellular companies, with no need for a premi-cell from every cellular provider. Jenny VoIP bundles give you major savings with the benefit of pure per second billing,you simply pay for what you use and not a second more.

A company can choose a bundle which suits their current call usage. If the bundle funds are depleted, Jenny VoIP standard rates apply. Unused funds included in the bundle are carried over to the next month, for a maximum of 3 months. Upgrading bundles are as simple as an email to the National Jenny Callcentre.

Businesses benefit greatly from Jenny VoIP

Businesses benefit greatly from Jenny VoIP, as all inter-branch calls are free, cutting down on huge business overheads. All on-network calls are also free, this means you will not be billed for any Jenny VoIP to Jenny VoIP calls within the Jenny VoIP Network.

Keep your business contact numbers

Keep your business telephone number by porting your existing landline numbers. We take over the hassle of dealing with the land based telecoms companies, to ensure your number porting is done swiftly.

With Jenny VoIP, you can have one telephone number that rings at multiple branches, lines which are flexible and multiple channels or telephone numbers which can be added to your Jenny VoIP package. Changing and upgrading your package is simple, whether you need 10 or 200 channels. You specify, we deliver.

Jenny Voice Bundle 250

R250 .00 p/m

Jenny Voice Bundle 750

R750 .00 p/m

Jenny Voice Bundle 2500

R2500 .00 p/m

VoIP Voice Bundles

VoIP Bundle Service

Price p/m .incl VAT

Jenny Voice Bundle 15000 R 15000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 12000 R 12000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 10000 R 10000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 9000 R 9000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 8000 R 8000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 7000 R 7000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 6000 R 6000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 5000 R 5000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 4000 R 4000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 3000 R 3000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 2000 R 2000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 1500 R 1500.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 1000 R 1000.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 500 R 500.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 100 R 100.00 p/m
Jenny Voice Bundle 50 R 50.00 p/m

* All prices on this website include VAT
* All prices listed are per month, unless otherwise stated.

Monthly VoIP Account


Item incl VAT

VoIP account R79.00 p/m

Jenny VoIP Rates



Telkom Landlines (National) : 39 cents Incl VAT per minute
All Cellular & VoIP : 79 cents Incl VAT per minute
Jenny VoIP to Jenny VoIP FREE

* Calls within the bundle are billed at pure per-second billing
* Out of bundle calls are charged at per second billing from the second minute.
* All Jenny Voice Rates Incl VAT

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