Mega Hotspot Provider

The Jenny Mega Hotspot has a great return on investment for the cost and time it takes to set one up.

All the hard work of building the business plan, programing the systems and developing the marketing has already been done.

Great return on investment

The business model works well for almost everything is already automated after you have installed the Hotspot.

It is possible for you to set-up a Jenny Mega hotspot and spend 5 minutes a month to maintain it. The below document will explain how this is done.

What is a Jenny Mega Hotspot?

It is a hotspot setup in a very densely populated area. This could be a block of flats, a residential complex or any densely populated area. A client connects to the hotspot by scanning for wireless networks, then selecting “Jenny Hotspot”. The client is then redirected to the hotspot login page. The client can then insert the voucher code on this page and will be instantly connected to high speed Internet.

Clients can obtain vouchers in different ways.

  • Online credit card or instant EFT payment from the login page.

  • From a Jenny Hotspot Voucher Reseller (more about this later)

  • Create Monthly Vouchers on Account(more about this later)

Purchasing a Voucher online

The client clicks on the buy button. This will send the client through the process of purchasing the voucher via instant EFT or credit card payment. After the client has completed the process the system will sms him or her a voucher code. The voucher is valid for 2 months.

Create Monthly Vouchers on Account.

A monthly voucher is a Mega Hotspot Voucher that is send with SMS to the voucher user cellphone every month. Once the data on the voucher is used, the user can purchase another vouchers via EFT or credit card.

To add a monthly Voucher all you need is a Jenny Account and the cellphone number of the recipient. Monthly Vouchers are primary used by real estate owners that would like to include free Internet for their tenants. The other users are parents of students..

Jenny Hotspot Voucher Reseller

A hotspot reseller is a any person or company in the vicinity of the hotspot that would like to sell hotspot vouchers and earn extra income. Once the reseller has signed up to be a reseller, we will supply the reseller with a login to the Jenny DFE system. Here the reseller can purchase credits to purchase hotspot vouchers

Purchasing credits

This uses the same credit card payment system clients use when purchasing vouchers online.

R 1 = 1 Jenny Hotspot Credit

From here the reseller can purchase vouchers using the credits he has just bought.

The reseller can purchase vouchers in bulk or purchase vouchers one at a time.

Resellers purchase the vouchers at a discounted rate. You will earn income on vouchers sold by resellers too.

Contact the Jenny Internet Account Managers for assistance in setting up a Jenny Mega Hotspot. .

After installation, you will need to market your hotspot to everyone in its coverage area. Then setup one or two hotspot voucher resellers. When this is done your hotspot will make money with minimum input.

On the 17th of each month you will receive a report with your sales. You can then invoice Jenny Internet for the profit your hotspot has made.

The Jenny Mega Hotspot is only connected to Jenny Wireless or Fibre. We have this rule so that we can supply the hotspot with an extremely fast Internet connection. This gives the clients a WOW effect.


Download : Prospective Jenny Mega Hotspot Providers Document


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