Point to Point A secure, dedicated wireless link for business data

Point to Point is a dedicated wireless link which allows businesses to connect their branches without exposing valuable business data directly on the Internet.

A Point to Point link consists of at least two links, one at each branch.

Jenny Point to Point is an open connection and allows the business user to manage the data stream between office

Single Fibre Internet connection can be used to stream Internet to all other branches..

  • Secure,dedicated wireless link for business data.
  • Various line speeds allows for better link management.
  • Quick upgrading and downgrading of line speeds.
  • Easy business expansion.
  • Single monthly billing for various branches.

Business to manage their network from a single location

Large business often purchase point to point links for all their branches.  This allows the business to manage their network from a single location.
A single large Fibre via Wireless link at head office can be used for connectivity for the whole company.

A secure, dedicated wireless link for business data

Jenny Point to Point links are uncapped, so there is no limit on the amount of data that passes through them. With various line speeds available, the business owner can have a 8192 Kbps line speed between major branches, a 2048 Kbps connection to sub-branches and a 1024 Kbps line to a home office. Upgrading or downgrading line speeds is as easy as sending an email request to the Jenny National Support Centre.

With Jenny Point to Point links, a single fibre Internet line can be installed, which in turn can supply Internet to all the required branches. This saves businesses on multiple line rental contracts by consolidating multiple bills and contracts into one single monthly amount.
By implmenting Jenny Point to Point links, you open your business up to easy expansion as new installations are not dependant on old broadband infrastructure.

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