Secure Backup

  • Easy setup
  • Extremely secure and password protected
  • Data is stored in two different data centres
  • Complies with the POPI act

Loss of data due to crime or hardware failure on business premises is a costly expense for any business.

Backup your business securely with Jenny Internet

Safeguard your business, protect your data now

Not only can data recovery amount to tens of thousands of Rands, but also the loss of valuable time and information affecting day-to-day operations. From first-hand experience, Jenny Internet has developed a Secure Backup Service, which can safeguard your business information.

FREE One-month trial on all Jenny Secure Backup Services.

Instead of paying for the service straight away, we have added a one-month free trial on the Jenny Secure Backup service, including full support. No obligation.


All prices on this website include VAT, all prices listed are per month unless otherwise stated

Secure Backup Package
Price p/m
Secure Backup 1000GB R 5689.00 p/m
Secure Backup 900GB R 5129.00 p/m
Secure Backup 800GB R 4579.00 p/m
Secure Backup 700GB R 4019.00 p/m
Secure Backup 600GB R 3469.00 p/m
Secure Backup 500GB R 2909.00 p/m
Secure Backup 400GB R 2359.00 p/m
Secure Backup 300GB R 1799.00 p/m
Secure Backup 240GB R 1469.00 p/m
Secure Backup 190GB R 1189.00 p/m
Secure Backup 150GB R 969.00 p/m
Secure Backup 110GB R 749.00 p/m
Secure Backup 80GB R 579.00 p/m
Secure Backup 50GB R 419.00 p/m
Secure Backup 30GB R 309.00 p/m
Secure Backup 20GB R 239.00 p/m
Secure Backup 10GB R 159.00 p/m
Secure Backup 5GB R 99.00 p/m

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Secure Backup.
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Jenny Internet complies with the POPI act.

 All data is continuously stored in two different data centres.

Yes, all of your data is extremely secure and password protected.