Mega Hotspot

  • High speed at affordable pricing
  • Flexible to suite serious users and casual Users
  • No Line Installation for tenants
  • No Hardware Installation for tenants
  • No Contacts
  • No Line Rentals or Fixed costs

Jenny Mega Hotspot is an area in which you can connect to the Internet through wifi, as you would in a coffee shop but on a much grander scale. The Mega Hotspot connects wirelessly to the Jenny Wireless Network which is connected to fibre. Each tenant in the serviced building is then able to access the Internet wirelessly through any device that has is WiFi enabled. Tenants and users can either purchase once-off vouchers online or from resellers or signup with Jenny Internet and purchase monthly vouchers on account.

Jenny Mega Hotspot

Property owners, provide your tenants with high speed, affordable Internet access.

The User’s Dilemma

When it comes to internet access, the "last mile" is always a major headache for any Internet Provider, as they have to somehow get internet to the user's doorstep and into their home. In most residential areas, physical lines or Wireless CPE installations are generally the most suitable permanent solution. However, for people living in high density apartment buildings, a fixed line is very rarely a viable option at all…

The very installation of  physical internet lines to each flat is prohibited in some apartment buildings , if allowed these installations means having to pay a fixed monthly rental fee for the line, which require lengthy, inflexible contracts. The high turnover of renting residential tenants makes both owners and renters reluctant to pay the monthly expense needed for fixed lines as well as incurring the cost to own additional hardware like a router, which needs to be replaced periodically.
In letting permanent landlines are risky business

Nobody renting a flat is willing to take out a contract just to get access to a line. Even the owner of the flat is unwilling to take on the risk of paying for the installation and rental of a line when they aren't sure that they can pass this cost off to future tenants.
If the tenant leaves, the owner sits with the expense of the line. So this leaves owners and tenants in apartment buildings in a precarious situation, and most are forced to try to look for other, more expensive options such as cellular internet.
But 3G doesn’t possibly do the job: It’s way too expensive, too slow in real life, too unreliable, and doesn’t work well with multiple devices. It’s just not an option.
But demand for internet is not going to go away!
People need options, but what options are left in apartment buildings when you need a solution that’s permanent, but that’s also flexible and affordable at the same time… There is one specific option

The Solution : Jenny Mega Hotspot

Jenny Mega Hotspot is  quick and easy to install in your apartment building that enables each of your tenants to access affordable, business-class internet straight away. This solution and technology that thrives in a high capacity environment like an apartment building, was designed, programmed, and built from the ground up for this type of application.

The real beauty of the solution lies in its simplicity for the apartment owner: there’s absolutely no hassle, it just works! Users purchase their internet vouchers either online, through physical vouchers, or can even sign up to become a monthly voucher user for their own account.
There is absolutely no hassle for the complex owners when it comes to billing, maintenance, or support:

  •     Makes the hassle of installing physical lines entirely redundant
  •     Sales and billing are entirely automatic
  •     Telephonic and email support is provided by Jenny’s national call centre
  •     Hardware Maintenance is handled by a Jenny dealer who is part of Jenny Wireless’ national support network

So how do I get it?

Having a workable internet access solution of this kind fundamentally increases the marketability of your entire complex and effectively boosts your property value.
There are no fees and no monthly costs to the complex owner for providing his tenants access to the service. The single investment you require is merely to purchase and install the hardware your tenants need to be able to access the service. After the hardware is purchased, it’s both installed and maintained by a Jenny service provider, and the service is entirely automatized after installation.
Your first step is always to speak to a Jenny consultant to book a risk-free assessment of your complex so we can see how we can help you solve your and your tenants’ problem permanently.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Mega Hotspot.
If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to speak to us.

No, you do not need to connect to the Internet to buy vouchers. You can simply use the Jenny Hotspot to buy vouchers.

Jenny vouchers can be purchased using a debit card or EFT payment directly from the hotspot.

Yes, you can get a 30-day voucher.

Using your wireless enabled device, scan WiFi and select the Jenny Hotspot Wireless Service. Open your web browser which will redirect to the “Jenny Hotspot” window where you can insert the voucher code.

Follow these three easy steps: