The fibre downfall in South Africa

There are many cable breaks because of economic growth in South Africa. These cable breaks impact all services including fibre and this downtime causes a decrease in productivity, client communications and ultimately, turnover.

Most businesses are surviving by installing multiple ADSL lines and/or Diginet lines which do not provide enough speed for the demands of the business. 

There are many challenges fibre service providers encounter:

  • Networks are optimised for market share, not performance;
  • The networks are susceptible to abusive usage patterns because they do not have systems in place to prevent this. 
  • There are high contention ratios; shared bandwidth with too many other customers
  • Hybrid networks that throw businesses in the same pool as high-use consumers.

The Jenny Fibre Direct business solution

For your business to win this game you need the following from your fibre supplier.

  • A supplier that takes into account the large amount of cable being broken or stolen, and a plan to keep your services online.
  • A network optimised specifically for business use.
  • A network with low contention ratios.
  • A network which you share with other business clients who have the same usage patterns as you do.
  • A network that’s lightning fast with very low latency.
  • A first-tier supplier who can cater to your stringent security requirements.
  • A supplier with fantastic service and local support.

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