Fibre Direct for Business

  • Future proof & scalable to 1Gbps
  • Highest uptime fibre
  • Fail-over where feasible
  • Up to 5 public routable IP addresses included

From the day your fibre is installed, cable breaks will no longer affect your service. All services fail-over within seconds and your business will not be disconnected. All our Fibre Direct services come with a free Fibre via Wireless connection as redundancy (where feasible). Fibre Direct also comes with a full range of IP services.

More and more large businesses and government institutions are switching over to Jenny Internet. Our call-centre is packed with technical gurus and backed by our local support providing your company and IT staff the solutions to make your business work.

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Jenny Internet meets your needs offering you fibre connections

Fibre Direct with 1:1 contention dedicated services

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Fibre Direct for Business.
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The Fibre Direct service includes a fail-over to Jenny Fibre Via Wireless where feasible.

While you wait for the fibre to be installed, we will provide you with a wireless Internet connection where feasible.

This is a dedicated service.

You can log any support problems directly on our website or by calling our call centre support agents 7 days a week.