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A constant high speed Internet connection is far more valuable than a connection that is sometimes fast and sometimes slow

The best home Wireless available! Uncapped, unthrottled and you can shape your own service for best performance.

Business Internet which is abuse proof. A first in South Africa: Shape your business Internet to suit your needs using our control panel.

Connect to Teraco Data Environments

A secure, dedicated wireless link for business data

Get fibre speed access without fibre!

We offer the most reliable fibre service in South Africa

Business Solutions

Save with VoIP. Clear calls, pure per-second billing and free branch-to-branch calls.

Jenny Secure Backup can be used for all your backups

Professional email, calendar and full office suite all in the cloud.

Send faxes using your Internet connection

Easy and straightforward telephone system for your company with all the PBX capabilities at a fraction of the cost.


Make money and attract customers to your business

Property owners, provide your tenants with high speed, affordable Internet access.

Service Management

Shape your own Internet for optimal performance.

Jenny Coverage

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National Call centre

087 170 0000

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