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Jenny Wireless is looking for current or prospective Network Partners to become Jenny Wireless Network Partners in their local communities. This helps to expand the Jenny Wireless brand across South Africa and the rest of Africa.

What is a Network Provider

A “Network Provider” invests in wireless infrastructure (a tower and network equipment), physically maintains his network and his clients’ connections, and signs up new clients on his network.  Revenue is created when a user connects to this tower and uses it to access the Internet or uses a VoIP telephone across it, and additional revenue is created by doing client installations.  Every single function other than those described above is handled in full by Jenny Wireless

Jenny Wireless’s primary objective is to “connect Africa to the world” and correspondingly they have perfected the range of network management functions that need to be performed seamlessly in the background by any Wireless ISP, and Jenny Wireless is looking for current or prospective Network Partners to become Jenny Wireless Network Partners in their local communities. This helps to expand the Jenny Wireless brand across South Africa and the rest of Africa.

This enables any prospective Network Partner to leverage their growth and expansion possibilities while simultaneously simplifying and streamlining their own businesses and joining a premium and growing partner of Internet and related service offerings in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Reasons why you should you be excited about becoming a Jenny Wireless Network Provider

Greater Growth

Your costs and efforts are now focussed solely on “network providing” functions, it allows you scope for nearly unlimited network growth in your area.  The lack of complexity, and the scalability of the Jenny Wireless model, truly abolishes the bottlenecks that would normally halt your progress towards building a bigger, more profitable, and more sustainable network.

Greater Simplicity

Jenny Wireless’s mastery of network management, your functions as Network Provider are greatly simplified, and your requirements in time, capital and staff are vastly reduced.  You are able to run a lean and profitable business from the start, and the complexities don’t start piling up when your business starts growing, as would normally have been the case with the traditional model.

Greater Return on Investment

This solution allows you an infinitely greater ROI in your two most important variables, your time and your money.  It lowers your investment requirements in time, start-up capital, running capital, knowledge requirement and lowers the eventual complexity of the business altogether.


This point needs to be stressed separately.  Being a Jenny Wireless Network Provider saves you exponentially more time in running your business effectively and profitably.  All your time can be spent on revenue growing activities, as opposed to spending your time on killing fires and on a mountain of admin functions, as is normally the case for astandard wireless ISP.

Benefits of the Jenny Wireless Franchise

Customer Support

Jenny Wireless is able to provide the level of customer support that end users have come to expect from a premium wireless provider.  By making the most of the Jenny Dealer Frontend (DFE), technical staff and support staff has detailed information on every client and every service at their fingertips, to ensure fast issue resolution. Through an integrated CRM solution in the DFE, there are no gaps in the error reporting procedures and all issues are handled promptly and monitored closely, network providers and related contacts are notified via SMS or Email in real time.


The Jenny DFE has grown so comprehensively in its billing function, and managing multiple services for single clients are done in a matter of seconds. Monthly billing for a Jenny Network Provider really has become so simple, that the Network Provider only creates a single invoice in a month: his sole invoice to Jenny Wireless


Jenny has a substantial marketing leverage through its strong branding, and a growing national dealer network.  Clients have come to recognise the brand, and rely on the premium service associated with it. Additionally, dealers and network providers have access to vast marketing resources via the Jenny Marketing website.

Bandwidth Supply

The magnitude of Jenny’s operations enables it to gain access to, and secure, massive bandwidth capacity and bulk discounts. These advantages are then directed downstream to all the Network Providers.


The Jenny DFE was built from the ground up to be the perfect system for the wireless ISP arena.  It allows the simplification of the Network Provider’s responsibilities to such an extent that a Jenny Network Provider is truly able to focus exclusively on his four primary tasks (highlighted earlier), and it becomes the foundation on which his entire network relies.  IP address allocation, router setup, backups, and client configurations are all done by Jenny Wireless. This confers the advantage of vastly lowered complexities and costs compared to the normal requ

Jenny Wireless is a premium provider

Jenny Wireless is a premium provider of value added services such as VoIP telephony, and this correspondingly allows the Network Providers to offer this premium (and profitable) service over his network to all his clients.  This means additional revenue possibilities and premium business clients.  This normally complex and daunting service (VoIP) is handled by Jenny with such deft, that it has become as simple as just plugging in and configuring a VoIP phone at the client’s premises, with all the technical aspects handled by Jenny in the background.

Gain a salesforce from our Jenny dealer network.

100 plus computer stores can sell services on your network, leaving you with  the piece of mind to focus on maintaining , building and expanding your network.


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