Wireless Home The best home Wireless available! Uncapped, unthrottled and you can shape your own service for best performance.

Wireless Internet means you receive your Internet connectivity through a wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) on your roof. This CPE points to our nearest tower to connect to the Internet and other services.

Jenny Internet is the first ISP in South Africa to give their clients the power to shape their own lines. Jenny Wireless Home is designed specifically for home use. We provide you with a control panel that enables you to improve your connection even if the whole family is using it at the same time. Jenny Priority Flow allows you to prioritize either gaming, video streaming for Netflix or many more configurations to streamline your connection based on your specific needs.

  • Jenny Priority Flow options for Home Usage
  • Low contention and latency
  • Fantastic support via our call-centre, backed up by local technicians
  • Online account management

Why shaping is necessary for an ISP ?

No Shaping

A totally unshaped Internet connection is usually advertised as an advantage but its NOT. If your connection is being abused, the service you want to use online will not necessarily work correctly.  This means your ISP’s network is also not managed optimally.

ISP Blanket Shaping

ISPs with the right equipment try to shape your connection so that you get an overall good Internet experience. This does not work because the provider does not know how you use your Internet. They largely guess what you use it for. For example, if you are a gamer and the rest of your family is watching videos on Facebook, this will result in high latency.


Jenny Priority Flow


We provide you with a control panel to shape your own Internet for optimal performance.

Here are the default settings and options available for the different services.




Jenny Priority Flow PDF Document 442.26 KB

Example Gamer

Simply log into your My-Jenny control panel and tick boxes to change your shaping on your Internet connection.

If you are a gamer and have other people using Netflix and YouTube in your household.
You can select: [x] Gaming High Priority
This will allow games to get first priority on the Internet connection then Netflix and Youtube can use the rest.

Service pricing dependant on area and coverage

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