Jenny Priority Flow Shape your own Internet for optimal performance.

We have created a unique system that allows you to shape your Internet connection to suit your specific connectivity needs.

Jenny Priority Flow provides you with an easy to use control panel.

You can manage the traffic flowing through your own Internet connection with a tick of a check box. 

Shaping works on "groups of flow" through your Internet connection.

Examples of these flow groups are : Gaming, Streaming, Updates, P2P(torrents) and Social Media.

  • Users are able to set their Priority Flow
  • Soft Shaping (Flow Priority)
  • Hard Shaping (Flow Bandwidth Shaping)

Soft Shaping (Flow Priority)

Soft shaping only affects the priority of the flow group when your connection is running at full capacity.

Most flow groups only have soft shaping so they can use 100% of your Internet connection until your connection is running at full capacity; in this case your control panel settings will kick in, prioritizing your important flow groups. Ig gaming has a high priority setting it willl get priority over other flow groups.

Hard Shaping (Flow Bandwidth Shaping)

Hard shaping settings is always in effect whether your connection is running at full capacity or not.

Here a flow group's use of bandwidth can be restricted. An example would be Updates, this flow group has a default setting of 50% of bandwidth. This means that even if the Internet connection is not running at full capacity, an update can only use a maximum of 50% of the bandwidth.

Users will be able to change these settings using our Jenny Priority Flow control panel.


Here are the default settings and options available for the different services


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