Point to Point to Teraco

  • Links are setup on layer 2
  • Point to point links are synchronous
  • Fast installation
  • Local support
  • Links connected at 6:1 contention

With Jenny Point to Point to Teraco, we can connect you securely and directly on our network without crossing the Internet. Connect from any Jenny wireless network to Teraco data environments in Johannesburg, Durban, or Cape Town.

Our process of setting up a Teraco cross-connect from cabinet to cabinet is streamlined and compliant with Teraco policies. Offering fast installation with local support, your Jenny Point to Point to Teraco connection will be up in no time.


Jenny Internet will connect your business to Teraco Data Environments

Easy. Secure. Direct.

Connectivity cost

See below line speed options. Please choose your location for accurate pricing.
Cost is the service price p/m inc VAT.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Point to Point to Teraco.
If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to speak to us.

The client-side equipment will be installed between 1 and 7 working days, as well as the time it takes Teraco to install the cross-connect.

National call centre, 7 days a week with three levels: Support, Advanced Support, and Technical.

Yes, we can assist with the setup. Cross-connect pricing is in accordance with Teraco pricing policies and will be costed and charged accordingly by Teraco directly to you.