Jenny Africa Mining

Nothing is more frustrating to experience unstable and high latency Internet in Africa. 

Jenny Internet Africa has accepted the challenge and is proud to announce that we have mastered the concept especially for the MINING SECTOR in Africa. We partnered with Mining Weekly and African Mining to stay up to date on this sector in Africa. 

Our product range offers: 

  • 1.1 dedicated connections
  • High-speed internet with low latency
  • Low contention ratios
  • Redundancy solutions
  • Static public routable IP address
  • Tailor-made SLA to client needs
  • Quick, easy signup process
  • Invoice in the country of service in the local currency 
  • 365 days a year local support

Jenny Internet Africa has fully operational offices in DRC, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Eswatini, Lesotho, and South Africa where we already have some of the bigger names in the mining industry that trust Jenny Internet Africa as their preferred ISP. 

Provide Jenny Internet Africa the opportunity to showcase our super fast stable Internet to your mining group. We will offer you an obligation-free, free Prove Off Concept at any site of your preference where we have feasibility.

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