This is not your Grandpa's Wireless

The New Age of Fixed Wireless: It’s Not What It Used to Be!

Gone are the days when fixed wireless was considered a less reliable method of internet connectivity. With advancements in the unlicensed spectrum space, fixed wireless is now a game-changer, boasting speeds that compete with other forms of broadband.

Why Are Big Telecom Players Investing in Fixed Wireless?
Companies like Vodacom and MTN, despite owning licensed spectrums, are also investing in unlicensed spectrum equipment. The reason is crystal clear: Cost-effectiveness. Fixed Wireless, like fibre, provides a sturdy and dependable broadband connection for homes and businesses alike.

What is Fixed Wireless again?
Think of it as the bridge between the main fibre internet lines and your home. Instead of cables, internet connectivity is beamed via a wireless device installed at a fixed point, typically your roof. While the backbone of internet traffic is handled by fibre, the "last-mile" to individual households is efficiently managed by fixed wireless.

Why Fixed Wireless Is Gaining Momentum
The answer lies in R&D spending and market competition.

Manufacturers typically focus their innovative efforts on products with large customer bases. In the spectrum world, licensed spectrums are high-priced, leading to reduced competition. Unlicensed spectrums, however, particularly 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz employed for fixed wireless, have become the playground for intense R&D efforts due to the vast market size.

As a result, today's fixed wireless boasts of exceptional speeds, frequently crossing 100Mbps. Brands leading this revolution include:





So, Why Choose Fixed Wireless?

Jenny Internet is a testament to the potential of fixed wireless. We specialize in this domain, ensuring fast, reliable (remains online through loadshedding), and cost-effective connectivity for our clients. With the rapid advancements in the past five years, choosing fixed wireless is no longer about compromise; it's about staying ahead.

Why 5 x faster than 2018?

In 2018 fixed wireless only reached about 20 Mbps. The majority of our network has a capacity over 100Mbps. Our newest areas reach 500Mbps+
Here is a screenshot of a link from a customer who is 3.1 km away from our high site:

Join the revolution and experience high-speed internet connectivity like never before with Jenny Internet’s Fixed Wireless!

Rolf Stucky, Managing Director

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