FaxOut Send faxes using your Internet connection

Jenny FaxOut is a service which allow businesses and individuals to send and receive faxes, to or from any fax number on Earth, using the Internet instead of the traditional phone lines. To start using this service, all you require is a Jenny FaxOut device, an Internet connection and a fax machine. The Jenny FaxOut device plugs into any fax machine, allowing normal use without the need for a land line.

  • Jenny FaxOut will work with any Internet connection.
  • Jenny FaxOut to Jenny FaxOut faxes are free.
  • Easy to set up - simply purchase the device and plug it
  • Faxes are sent to your fax machine and to a desired email address (either/or).
  • No land line required

Jenny Fax Out to Jenny Fax Out faxes are free.

Once you sign up for a Jenny FaxOut service, we will allocate your company an 087 ### #### fax number.

Jenny FaxOut services will work on a network-style connection, but additional hardware will be required if client wants to use cellular typed internet such as 3G.

Once Off


Once Off Cost

Jenny Fax Out Device R 1345.00 incl. VAT

Monthly Service Fee


Price p/m

R199.00 p/m incl. VAT R199.00 p/m incl. VAT



p/min incl. VAT

Local and National Numbers R 1.09 p/min incl. VAT
086 ### #### Numbers R 2.26 p/min incl. VAT
Jenny Fax Out to Jenny Fax Ou FREE p/min

* All prices on this website include VAT
* All prices listed are per month, unless otherwise stated.

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