Wireless Business in Newcastle

  • Monitored business service with automatic support ticket creation
  • Escalation to advanced support team
  • Local support through our dealer network
  • Uncapped and unthrottled
  • Low contention and latency

Jenny Internet understands the importance of Internet connectivity for your business. We have developed a proactive link monitoring and auto downtime ticket creation system on all our Business Connection services. By using business-specific equipment, we can monitor your Internet connection and proactively start working on any downtime problems. This limits the frustration of having to log support tickets in case your Internet connection is down.

Wireless Business from Jenny internet

Business Internet with proactive link monitoring

Connectivity Cost

See below line speed options for your area. Monthly service fee listed below is inclusive of VAT

PRO services compete directly with fibre services and use new equipment at our towers and at your premise.
This area has just been upgraded to the latest network equipment to provide Wireless PRO services.

Please be advised that all installations in this area have been postponed until the estimated second quarter of 2024, pending network upgrades.

Setup and Installation cost

Our prices below cover standard installations. If additional equipment, labour, or fuel is required, there may be extra charges.
Should this be the case, we will provide you with a detailed quote before proceeding with the installation.

Purchase Equipment

Standard CPE Installation
  • Includes external antenna on the roof (CPE - client premises equipment).
  • Internal WIFI access point.
  • All labour, cabling and sundries.
Standard CPE incl VAT

+/- R4000.00


Rent Equipment

Monthly cost Incl VAT
  • Equipment will be replaced if required. ( weather damage, old or outdated )
  • Equipment remains the property of Jenny Internet
  • Subject to 2 year contract on associated wireless service

Short Range - R229 pm

Medium Range - R339 pm

Long Range - Long Range will be quoted

Setup Fee on Equipment Rental


Equipment Rental Pricelist

We have three levels of support: Support, Advanced Support, and Technical. What sets your business support apart, is that business support queries are escalated to our Advanced Support team if a solution is not found and callouts are prioritized by our local dealers.

Some ISPs sell consumer services to businesses without taking into consideration the costs of downtime or services not working optimally.

Some hidden costs and pain points can be:

  • Staff not being able to work, which means hours of salary paid with no value-added.
  • The frustration caused by trying to get business-level support out of a consumer-focused call centre.
  • Business services have a lower overall cost to your company than consumer services.
Low Price Consumer Internet
Low Overall Cost of Business Internet
Inconsistent Quality Consistent Quality
Business downtime High business uptime
Call to log a support ticket Auto logs support tickets
Standard customer service Unparalleled customer service
Consumer support centre Business advanced support centre escalation

Jenny Internet is a business-focused ISP that also sells consumer services. We do however split the support according to the service. Our business support costs us substantially more. This enables us to provide you with the business service you need.

Ready to get Wireless Business ?

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Wireless Business.
If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to speak to us.

Installations typically take between 1 and 7 working days.

You can simply log any support problems directly on our website or phone our call-centre support agents 7 days a week, all of which are backed up by local technicians.

Yes, we can plug the CPE into your current network.

We have local dealers in each area who will install your CPE (client premises equipment).  All installations are checked by our Quality Assurance department before final sign-off testing by you.

Yes, we provide static IP addresses. Please contact our sales team for current pricing.

We have a unique bandwidth monitoring system that you have access to.

Jenny Bandwidth Monitor


Watch our fair usage policy video for more information:


You can request an upgrade or downgrade at any point. 
If the service is upgraded mid-month, the upgrade can be done the same day.  You will be billed pro-rata for the extra value from the day the service was upgraded to month-end. You will receive the pro-rata bill with your next months' invoice.
All downgrades will only be processed at month-end so this will not affect your billing in any way.