Become a Jenny Dealer

A Jenny dealership is awarded to IT shops and IT support companies.

A Jenny dealer will have access to our full suite of products and will earn commission on all services they support.

Become a Jenny Dealer

With more than 15 years experience in ISP retail and management we have developed a package which includes:

Complete range of business Solution services

We create value by streamlining business systems with a variety of Jenny Services.

Jenny Dealers are able to offer all of these valuable business services to current and new client base, all whilst earning commission, the dealer will earn monthly support commission for as long as that service is active on the Jenny Network.

The commission is structured so that uptime and quality workmanship is rewarded.

This means your company will earn more money if services are setup correctly.  Even if there are problems that need your assistance, your company will be paid good rates to support these services.


Earn Commission

Dealers can earn commission by selling Jenny Internet services.  

Support Commission

For every Jenny Internet service the dealer sells, the dealer will earn monthly support commission for as long as that service is active.  The dealer will also have to support the service according to support commission requirements.

Spotter Commission

If the dealer only provides the lead and chooses not to provide after support, the dealer earns a once off spotter commission.   Dealers that support services usually opt for this option when the client is far away from their location. E.g in another town.

* All commission is calculated from the monthly recurring revenue. 


Extensive training and ongoing support systems

  • Entering into the Service provider Industry might seem like a daunting task, but Jenny Internet offers full support to assist the Dealer in all avenues of support.
  • Jenny Internet offers extensive training on our dealer frontend system , with dedicated call center support, a multitude of extensive training videos as well as various other self help training material.
  • Jenny Internet offers various accredited training course year round to broaden the dealer knowledge, and the dealer group are normally all invited to attend these training sessions.
  • Jenny Academy offers quick online support for all Jenny services , setup procedures and additional information which might be required to supply the optimum support services


Always adapting with the latest trends

With 15+ years experience in the Internet Service provider Industry , and the leading Wireless Network in South Africa, Jenny Internet prides itself to stay in contact with the latest technology and marketing trends. Jenny Internet is always pushing forward to build unique services and solutions to accommodate the ever growing nature of the service providing industry. We aim to develop new service to accommodate the industry as well as constantly improving our current services to satisfy the demanding market.


Excellent Brand recognition

Become part of the international Jenny Internet brand.  You have an opportunity to sell services Africa wide and receive work from customers across Africa.  We have a dedicated online system which is constantly updated with the latest service information, print and marketing material.


SMS and Email notifications

The Jenny Dealer Frontend is a dedicated online system assembly from any internet connection.Jenny Dealers received a unique profile to access the system.

The Dealer Frontend, allows Dealer access to all service support access to Jenny Clients, as well as access to our extensive support ticketing system, allowing you to update and correspond directly with support staff and Network Providers, keeping everyone informed with a click of a button.

Dealers are able to stay up to date with current services, ticket status and other information via our Dealer frontend notification system sending out notifications using sms and email. Our Jenny Dealer Interface is web based and mobile friendly.

Become a Jenny Dealer