A Jenny dealership is awarded to IT shops and IT support companies.

A Jenny dealer will have access to our full suite of products and will earn commission on all services they support.

Jenny Wireless is looking for current or prospective Network Partners to become Jenny Wireless Network Partners in their local communities. This helps to expand the Jenny Wireless brand across South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Earn R300 for every sale you send us.

When you log someones details on the Jenny Lead Logger App and the person signs up for a Jenny Internet service. We will pay you R 300 commission via E-wallet. You will be notified via SMS if the sale was successful.  FNB will send you a pin which can be used at any FNB ATM to collect the R 300.

The Jenny Mega Hotspot has a great return on investment for the cost and time it takes to set one up.

All the hard work of building the business plan, programing the systems and developing the marketing has already been done.