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Capped Wireless Internet Packages
 4 Mbps - 8 Mbps3 Mbps - 7 Mbps2 Mbps - 5 Mbps2 Mbps - 4 Mbps
1440GB Data p/m
720GB Anytime Data + 720GB Nighttime Data
R 3039.00
R 2889.00
R 2739.00
960GB Data p/m
480GB Anytime Data + 480GB Nighttime Data
R 2339.00
R 2189.00
R 2039.00
720GB Data p/m
360GB Anytime Data + 360GB Nighttime Data
R 1989.00
R 1839.00
R 1689.00
480GB Data p/m
240GB Anytime Data + 240GB Nighttime Data
R 1639.00
R 1489.00
R 1339.00
320GB Data p/m
160GB Anytime Data + 160GB Nighttime Data
R 1289.00
R 1139.00
R 989.00
R 839.00
216GB Data p/m
108GB Anytime Data + 108GB Nighttime Data
R 989.00
R 839.00
R 689.00
R 539.00
160GB Data p/m
80GB Anytime Data + 80GB Nighttime Data
R 719.00
R 569.00
R 419.00
104GB Data p/m
52GB Anytime Data + 52GB Nighttime Data
R 509.00
R 359.00
56GB Data p/m
28GB Anytime Data + 28GB Nighttime Data
R 449.00
R 299.00
Uncapped Wireless Internet Packages
  4 Mbps - 8 Mbps 3 Mbps - 6 Mbps 2 Mbps - 5 Mbps 2 Mbps - 4 Mbps
1200GB Unthrottled Data p/m
600GB Anytime Data + 600GB Nighttime Data
R 3499.00
800GB Unthrottled Data p/m
400GB Anytime Data + 400GB Nighttime Data
R 2799.00
R 2499.00
R 2199.00
R 1899.00
480GB Unthrottled Data p/m
240GB Anytime Data + 240GB Nighttime Data
R 1795.00
R 1645.00
R 1495.00
R 1199.00
320GB Unthrottled Data p/m
160GB Anytime Data + 160GB Nighttime Data
R 1295.00
R 1145.00
R 995.00
R 795.00
160GB Unthrottled Data p/m
80GB Anytime Data + 80GB Nighttime Data
R 999.00
R 849.00
R 699.00
R 495.00

The Jenny uncapped wireless service will run at optimal speed until the threshold limit is reached. Once the threshold is reached the speed will be reduced. You will receive an sms where you will be able to “boost” your threshold limit to a higher level. This way you can ensure that your uncapped service never slows down. Threshold boosters can be purchased on the usage page as well.

- Uncapped data is more contented than capped data.
- P2P data has low priority
- By purchasing any Jenny Internet service you agree to our Acceptable Use Policy

* All prices on this website include VAT, all prices listed are per month, unless otherwise stated.
Setup and Installation

Purchase wireless CPE including installation: Standard CPE +-R 3000 incl VAT or High Powered CPE +- R 5000 incl VAT.
* NB If extra equipment or labour is needed to complete the installation. You will be notified before work is started and you will be-able to decide if you would like to proceed. We recommend purchasing an internal wireless access point if you would like to connect to your devices on Wi-Fi.


Wireless CPE installation set-up fee on equipment rental: R 950 incl VAT.
* NB Equipment rental is subject to approval by a Jenny Internet Dealer


Service speed explanation e.g 1 Mbps - 3 Mbps. The first value is your service speed, the second value is your burst speed. If you browse a website, the website will download at the burst speed for a few seconds. This provides you with a faster Internet experience. Large downloads will download at the service speed.

Capped Top-up Prices

1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 5 GB 9 GB 18 GB
R 29.00 R 59.00 R 89.00 R 149.00 R 249.00 R 499.00


Uncapped Booster Prices

3GB 5 GB 10 GB 30 GB 50 GB
R 59.00 R 99.00 R 189.00 R 559.00 R 859.00
Individual Electronics Communications Service License: 0286/IECS/MAR/09
Individual Electronics Communications Network License: 0286/IECNS/MAR/09
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