Standard Hotspot

Standard Hotspot
Make money and attract customers to your business
A Jenny WiFi Hotspot is an area that provides Internet access over a local wireless network or an Internet café. The customer will need a voucher to access Internet: the vouchers are provided by the Jenny WiFi Hotspot owner.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Create your own custom vouchers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Attract customers to your business.
  • Make additional income.

More Info

Attract customers to your business

Set up free vouchers for your business. Free vouchers have time and data limits. You will also be able to set the time period between free vouchers per customer. e.g allow a customer one free voucher per day or per week. This way the Jenny WiFi Hotspot is abuse free.

Make money by selling vouchers for Internet access

Set up vouchers for customers to purchase at your paypoint. This scenario is usually used by Internet cafés and coffee shops. Voucher profits are yours: the Jenny WiFi Hotspot has the same price no matter how many vouchers you sell.

Mix of free vouchers and pay vouchers

An example would be to setup a 30-minute voucher and only allow a customer receive one per day. Once the voucher us used up, the customer will have to purchase a voucher to access the Internet again.

How it works

To connect to the Hotspot, the customer must be in range of the Jenny WiFi Hotspot wireless signal.

The customer can access Internet from his computer or device by simply scanning for wireless networks and selecting the 'Jenny WiFi Hotspot' network. The customer will automatically be redirected to our login page - by filling in the voucher code, the customer will be connected to Internet.

Vouchers can be obtained at the business.
Free voucher via SMS

Custom vouchers can easily be created on the system. Simply choose a data and time limit. Each voucher has a sequence number: if you create 100 vouchers, you can book them in as stock on your accounting system. Only the owner of the hotspot can access the voucher creation page.

Recommended Pricing Structure and Voucher to create
Data / Time
30 Minutes or 30 Mb
R 10.00
1 Hour or 60 Mb
R 20.00


Guest Houses

The Jenny WiFi Hotspot is a extra service to attract customers to your guest house. Make money on heavy data usage customers by selling vouchers.

Data / Time
24 Hours or 100 Mb
(One per customer per day)
24 Hours or 100 Mb
R 50.00
24 Hours or 500 Mb



Setup a large vouchers for all teachers. If they exceed the data limit they will have to purchase the second voucher.

Data / Time
30 days or 500 Mb
(One per customer per day)
30 days or 500 Mb


Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Attract people to your coffee shop with free Internet Access. Allow them on Internet for 20 minutes then sell them more data via vouchers.

Data / Time
20 minutes or 30 Mb
(One per customer per day)
1 Hour or 30 Mb
R 10.00
2 Hours or 60 Mb
R 20.00
Ideal for

Internet cafes

Guest Houses

Coffee shops

Educational institutions

Conference centers


Shopping Centres
Jenny Internet Hotspot benefits


  • Large Jenny Hotspot sign with connection instructions.
  • Window and support stickers.

Internet access

  • The Jenny WiFi Hotspot only works with Jenny Internet access.
  • We have various ADSL options and wireless Internet access - view our website for more information (This product cannot run on uncapped data, only through ADSL capped or wireless products).

Coverage Areas

  • The standard Jenny WiFi Hotspot can cover a radius of approximately 50 metres.
  • For a larger Hotspot area coverage, extra equipment will be quoted.


  • Billing is done on the first of the month and payment is made by direct debit on the 5th, 15th or 25th.


  • Jenny Internet has a 7-day, 365-day call centre.
  • Operating hours are weekdays from 7:30 to 20:00 and on weekends from 8:00 to 17:00.


  • The Jenny Wifi Hotspot is secure. Only people with vouchers can access the Internet through the Hotspot.


Jenny Service Price p/m
Jenny Hotspot Service R 209 .00
* All prices on this website include VAT
* All prices listed are per month, unless otherwise stated.

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