SMS Authenticated VPN
Remotely access your office network with our very secure SMS authenticated VPN. Never worry about password management or lost/stolen passwords ever again.
A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across the Internet. This means you can have remote users access to your business server from anywhere, securely over the Internet. Our key differentiating factor is that our VPN has two-factor authentication which makes it more secure. Every time you login to your Jenny VPN you will receive a randomly generated VPN password via SMS.
Benefits of Jenny SMS Authenticated VPN
  • Very secure two-factor authentication using SMS.
  • Never worry about password management again.
  • Never worry about someone trying to login in with somebody else's password. A new password is SMSed to every person every time they log in.
  • Easy setup.
  • Low cost, high value.

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Problems with standard VPN services

VPN services are usually very costly to implement.  They also require very strict password management.  You will need to trust all your employees with passwords.  People also forget their passwords and this causes unneeded downtime.


For your company to be the best, you need an easy to manage VPN service.  One that allows you to do business without constantly worrying about security.

Jenny Offer

We provide you or or IT manager with an easy to use web interface where all VPN users can be added.  The Jenny VPN only requires an username and a cell phone number for each user.  For a user to connect to your business VPN, the user will insert his or her Jenny VPN username and an incorrect password.  The system will then immediately sense that the user is trying to login and will SMS the user a new password which will be active for 30 minutes.

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Monthly Pricing

Service Price p/m
One (1) user per month R49.00 p/m


Description Once-off Cost
Equipment Needed: Any Mikrotik RouterBOARD
Equipment Price: From R900
Setup Pricing: Call out from your dealer (IT company) or we can assist you over the phone.
* All prices on this website include VAT
* All prices listed are per month, unless otherwise stated.

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