Point to Point to Teraco
Connect to Teraco Data Environments
Would you like to connect your business to your server in Teraco. We can connect you securely, directly on our network without crossing the Internet. Connect from any Jenny Wireless Network to Teraco Data Environments in Johannesburg, Durban or Capetown. We have streamlined the process of setting up a Teraco cross-connect from cabinet to cabinet.
  • Links are setup on layer 2
  • Point to point links are synchronous
  • Fast installation
  • Local support
  • Links connected at 6:1 contention


Link Speed Price p/m
0.5 Mbps R 600.00
1 Mbps R 1200.00
2 Mbps R 2400.00
4 Mbps R 3750.00
8 Mbps R 6000.00
10 Mbps R 7500.00
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