Multi-Site Business VPN
Scale your network further than the geographical bounds of your business
When your business has expanded beyond just a single location, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes the logical choice, as it facilitates you to have all the benefits of a direct connection between geographically disparate locations.
  • Centralisation and standardisation of systems.
  • Enables dispersed offices to work from powerful central servers.
  • Significantly lowers licensing costs due to centralisation.
  • Lower IT costs (hardware and staff requirements).
  • Remote access to a shared Intranet.
  • Rapid scalability of your network

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If your Internet is performing sluggishly, it will absolutely kill your VPN

The sluggishness has nothing to do with the 'speed' of your line, but has everything to do with three factors:

  • The contention ratio on the network.
  • The latency of your supplier’s network.
  • Most importantly, who you’re sharing the network with.

With the advent of cloud computing, the speed of your computer is irrelevant… The only thing that matters is the speed it communicates at.
A network – like a highway – is a shared resource. And like a highway, it does not matter if it has 6 lanes; if too many cars are on the road, traffic comes to a grinding halt.
As a shared resource, what determines the speed of the network is partly how many other people you share it with (this we call contention ratio). More important, is who the other people are and what they do on the network.

As a business, the last thing you possibly want is to share your network with consumers!

Consumers spend endless time with high data applications such as streaming video, file sharing, and torrents that suck the life out of any network. They go for the cheapest options, and force the networks to push more of them into a smaller space to try to make money, much like a health gym with far too many members for the gym’s size: they always hope everybody doesn’t arrive at the same time.

There is a problem when people try to take a solution geared towards home users and try to implement this solution in a business sphere - consumer networks cut corners. When people take a network, already inundated with home users, and cram business users onto the same network, you lose what you need for your VPN and business to function properly.

Consumer focused suppliers - though cheaper – destroy the value your business receives from your network.

Here is why:

  • They optimise their network for profitability, not performance.
  • They pull in any client, regardless of abusive usage patterns.
  • They have high contention ratios (you share your network with too many people).
  • They operate hybrid networks that throw businesses in the same pool as high-use consumers.
  • Because of the above, you end up with very high latency and Internet far slower than advertised.
  • A VPN over these public networks is not nearly as secure as it needs to be.
  • They offer you the same shoddy support they offer their home users.
With a Jenny Multi-Site Business VPN, you become your own cloud

Jenny Wireless has the largest wireless network of its kind in the world. Jenny’s entire country-wide network is geared specifically towards the requirements of a dedicated business network.
Jenny’s Wireless Network can supply Fibre-Over-Wireless to any site within our extensive coverage area, and those sites outside wireless range are connected with a first-tier ADSL service, greatly enhancing the service experience over these connections.

User advantages of Jenny Multi-Site Business VPNs

  • A network optimised for business use only.
  • Very high speed.
  • Low latency.
  • Low contention ratios.
  • Symmetrical offering – very fast uploads that fit your business needs (especially VoIP).
  • Inherently higher security as a first-tier ADSL supplier.
  • Flexible solutions based on your business’s specific requirements and constraints.
  • Local support when you need it most.
Financial advantages of switching to Jenny Multi-Site Business VPN

For you as business owner, value is so important that cutting corners where it matters most is not an option. Now is the time to switch to a Multi-Site VPN.
If your business is already operating a VPN and you are using the wrong supplier, every employee will pay for it with every click, every delayed email and every dropped call.

Other advantages include:

  • Makes maximum use of your current IT infrastructure investment.
  • Major savings in software licensing costs across all your branches.
  • No need to duplicate expensive systems at every branch.
  • Centralised accounting and operations systems.
  • Free inter-branch calls with VoIP.
  • Wireless VPN gives you the same service and contention rates as Diginet, but at a lower cost, with more added services and greater speed.
  • Local support cuts down on the IT staff requirements for maintaining your network.
  • Flexible service packages that can also include VoIP, Jenny Backup, Google Apps for Work, and added redundancy further enhance the value you receive from Jenny as supplier.

There is a reason why more and more large business and government customers are switching to Jenny Wireless.

We understand the challenge and pressure of having to achieve operational excellence in IT while keeping costs to a minimum

As the head of IT, we have your back!

We have catered every part of our service toward helping you keep your network ticking smoothly. For example: we have dedicated telephone routing so you can speak directly to advanced technical support when you phone the call centre, rather than having to go through an agent. Also, when there is a problem we know about, we will phone you immediately to let you know, and keep you updated until the problem is resolved.

We also cater our solution to fit your legacy equipment, to minimise the cost of getting started, and have local support representation to ensure that network failures don’t put stress on you or your staff. Contact us for a full technical one-on-one to see precisely how we can help you solve your problem.

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