Google Apps for Work
Professional email, calendar and full office suite all in the cloud.
Managing professional emails, online storage, sharing multiple calendars and collaboration between staff and team members has never been more streamlined and more efficient than now. Once you start using Google Apps for Work, you will notice it is the most understated service you have ever used. Google Apps for Work changes the way a person does business forever.
  • Business email for your domain.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Store and share in the cloud.
  • All you need to work on the go.
  • Administrative controls for securing data.
  • Secure, easy access to business documents from office PCs to mobile devices.

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If you struggle with no access to emails and business documents on the go, your company is not keeping up with the times

Managing a business has become harder as complexity and communication have increased. Programs and systems which used to run a business have become obsolete.
If you struggle with not having access to emails and business documents on the go, your company is not keeping up with the times.

What is holding businesses back ? 

  • No access to your documents, calendars and emails away from the office.
  • Email and information management.
  • SPAM and malicious emails.
  • Sending spreadsheets around for different people to have input on.
  • It takes your company more than a day to set up your work environment.
  • No access to your work through mobile devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets.
Google Apps for Work will increase your company's productivity and profit by saving time and making it easier to manage your company data.

In this over-connected world, managing staff has become extremely difficult using the same old expensive applications. Emailing spreadsheets around and managing permissions on company file servers, have become daunting tasks, even for the most efficient individual. Most businesses take a full day to to simply set up a new employee. If an employee leaves the company, it is difficult to offload work to someone else... Until now.

Google Apps for Work through Jenny Internet

With a constant connection to all documents, draft proposals, spreadsheets and presentations from the office computer, tablet or smartphone, business productivity is smoother and more efficient than before. Collaborating with staff on the fly has never been simpler, with functionality like real-time editing and commentary. Access documents directly in a website browser without the need for expensive software, with every change automatically saved.

Your dedicated Administrative Console will keep the business safe, centralised and protected from hardware failures. Now a new employee can be set up within minutes. All company files and spreadsheets relevant to the employee's position can be shared, and safe access will be available to email and customer contact databases.


Have you ever searched for a word in the body of an email on Outlook? It takes ages! With Gmail you harness the power of Google. Searching for text in emails is like doing a Google search. Its finds your text in milliseconds.

Gmail has solved the email folder problem. Instead of manually moving an email to a folder, you can tag an email to a search term. This means you can have the same email in different 'folders'. For example, an email can have tags 'Waiting For', 'Joe Soap' and 'JHB'. Opening any of these filters will show the same email.

Benefits of Gmail

  • You get to keep your business email address e.g.
  • You never have to erase email archives… Ever.
  • Create folders and store email invoices, receipts, signed PDF contracts, etc.
  • Close to 100% up-time. When was the last time Google crashed? You might have missed it when you blinked.
  • Cloud-based accessibility - check your business email from any computer, anywhere on earth.
  • Virtually no SPAM. Google probably manages the most email on earth - this is probably why their filters are so effective.
Google Drive

Google Drive gives you the ability to securely save almost anything in the cloud.

It also provides you with a complete office suite to replace Microsoft office. Instead of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, you now have Google Doc, Google Sheets and Google Slides (you can still save files in MS formats if you would like to). The best part about working on these services is that multiple people can work on the same document at the same time.

In a nutshell, you get the following by moving to Google Drive:

  • Access to your data from anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Save with no on-site equipment to own, update or manage. Leave this to Google as they have the best data centres on earth.
  • No bulky office programs to install. You only need a decent Internet connection and a web browser.

Google Calendar covers almost everything that Outlook can do, but does the following better:

  • Gmail integration - send out and make meeting requests. Make a calendar event out of an email.
  • Keep track of everything happening in your business. The calendar sharing simply works well.
  • Mobile phone integration. This is a key factor - how else would you get calendar reminders when you are not in front of your computer? A good calendar needs to be with you all the time.

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