Fibre via Wireless
Get fibre speed access without fibre!
The Jenny Fibre over Wireless product provides your company with fibre speed connectivity without fibre. Our wireless network is built to a standard that enables us to provide a dedicated throughput at a set contention ratio (amount of others sharing the Internet feed) at our core. This service is available in the centre of Johannesburg or in the middle of the bush. We can provide this to your business wherever we have a wireless network. We have three different Fibre over Wireless services available.
  • Dedicated throughput.
  • High speed with very low latency.
  • Low contention ratio. (The amount of other users sharing the same bandwidth supply as your company)
  • Static public routable IP address included. (More IP addresses can be purchased)
  • Jenny Business SLA

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Diginet and other dedicated throughput Internet services have either become obsolete because of their speed limitations or simply cost too much to install and maintain. If fibre is unavailable in your area or if fibre takes too long to install. Jenny fibre over wireless is the service for you.


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