Fibre Services

  Silver Gold GoldPlus Fibre Over Wireless Fail-Over
Mbps / Contention 6:1 3:1 1:1  
5 Mbps R3,999.00 R4,199.00 R4,999.00 Best Effort
10 Mbps R4,399.00 R4,899.00 R6,999.00 Best Effort
15 Mbps R4,899.00 R5,599.00 R8,999.00 Best Effort
20 Mbps R5,399.00 R6,399.00 R10,999.00 Best Effort
30 Mbps R6,399.00 R7,999.00 R13,999.00 Best Effort
50 Mbps R8,499.00 R10,999.00 R19,999.00 Best Effort
75 Mbps R10,999.00 R13,999.00 R27,499.00 Best Effort
100 Mbps R13,999.00 R16,999.00 R34,999.00 Best Effort
* Fibre Direct Service Pricing is all excl. VAT
  • The price is subject to feasibility and may change.
  • Fibre Direct setup fee: R6250 excl VAT once off.
  • All prices listed on this website are per month, unless otherwise stated.
  • We will provide you with a Fibre Over Wireless service while we wait for your actual fibre to be installed. Full monthly service fee will apply once connected or pro-rata of bandwidth achieved.
  • The Fibre Over Wireless fail-over is only available where we have wireless coverage and is a best effort service.
  • Services above 100Mbps are available on request.
  • 3 year contract period.
  • Fair Usage Policy applies
Individual Electronics Communications Service License: 0286/IECS/MAR/09
Individual Electronics Communications Network License: 0286/IECNS/MAR/09
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